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Re: London – Quest for Revival 2005
“Power for Transforamtion”
17th-21st April 2005

Here’s Sharing London with you
When we got the invitation to London, England – the *London Contact was looking for Elder Collins.  The *LC is someone we know from one of our ministries out of Tulsa, OK. when Neaco Padillow was pastoring, Pastor Neaco died right after *LC relocated to London – so he had not heard of his passing.  O, course when I shared the news of him passing – it just took the wind out of his sail (so to speak) and so did the news about Elder Collins.
The *LC said, “our Bishop/Pastor listened to you via your Web-Site and asked would you come?”  We were not anxious.   It took four months before an answer came to go. When we got permission from God it was on sho ’nuff’ (*_*).  Being on the Internet and all; We have found out that one must be careful enough to maintain good works  before God and man.
God worked in us soooo much so that most of us wept and were humbled by God’s favor upon our lives.  The Power of God rested upon me like I had never experienced.  I literally walked the floor for 3 nights carrying the Power of God to deliver the people.  We were restless in London (so to speak) smile.  We explained the administration/diversity of operation; and our gift of laying-on-of-hands- and it was on sho ’nuff after that, or I should say “off the top”.  The line curved around the Church going out the door for prayer nightly.  The Church was full every night and the Bishop said, “this attendance is too low, more should have been here to experience the Move of God”. But he had a packed house.   Three of his affiliates were booked in a similar meetings during our visit.  So he said, “This will not happen again – on your return visit”.  O’ my goodness, “does that mean we are coming back God”?  And for sure before we left Lonodon the Bishop spoke to me about 5 more new days.  He has not set the five days in a month as of yet;  he is seeking God’s counsel and is contacting his Micah Churches so that they all can come together in unity – Holland, the Ukraine, Ecuador, and alone with the 3 in London + his Fellowships.Pictures Grp 1 025

 We hired a Professional Camera Crew and Photographer to Film our services; along with a Anointed Saxophonist.  He was awesome!!!  He blew the house down!   We have Video tapes & Photo CD ‘s of our trip under critiquing so that the spirit of excellence may rest upon them.  They should be ready soon in September 2005 or there about.

We were there a total of 6 days, we had 5 services. We believe we will be gone 2 weeks on our return trip?  We left on a Sunday arrive Heathrow Monday @ about Noon – 7 hours non-stop flight. You loose one whole day because they are 6 hours ahead of us.  We were in a mixed culture; a diverse group of Caribbeans, Jamaicans, Hispanics, and others.
 Flier London
I know that I am the least among God’s people, but I scratched my head until I was bald too, Wondering, “ME LORD”?  But this was an awesome opportunity for me.  We took a small group over to help.  I am not the same. I feel the tears of joy right now and the Power of the Spirit searching my heart, it was “nothing” I did – it was all because of God who worked through our dear Mother Boyd & Elder Collins & others, who obeyed God.  I am reaping the benefit of the blessings of their labor. Hallelujah!  Not to say, I didn’t do anything – I did very little, but the Work and labor in the spirit that was fashioned for us to walk-upon & to walk-in is enormous; this is what makes me weep so.  I didn’t earn this; it is the “workings of grace”.
The Church was purged, demons were casted out, some were filled with the Holy Ghost, and the sick was cured.  I am weeping . . . soooo. I can not contain myself.  Thank You Jesus.  My Jesus Christ,  what a humbling this was for me to see God’s people receive of HIM through us.
People in the 3rd World countries are hungry for God in ways that the US is not.  Are we spoiled?
 Your Friend in the Gospel,
Pastor-Elect Lady Bobbie Jones Grayer
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